Attention Christian Songwriters and Composers!

Christian Sound & Song invites you to submit material for our "Tunes You Can UseTM" Music Version. Every issue we release a CD of accessible, usable, Spirited new songs for congregational worship and praise in a variety of styles. Songs range from simple choral pieces, to punchy, upbeat celebration rock, to an occasional Southern gospel number. Our goal is to offer worthy musical material to music directors of many denominations, which they can take right into rehearsal — without copyright hassles.

How It Works:

Because all the material is original, or new musical treatment of public domain lyrics, subscribing churches have lifetime license to use, photocopy, or rebroadcast music from their services in their local radio markets. Each contributing songwriter (or publisher) retains copyright ownership and rights to their song (We’ll be happy to offer advice on how to register your material if you don’t already know.) This is a great way to share your music with the many church music directors who are always on the lookout for good songs for their congregations and music teams.

If you’re a good writer of songs for worship, you no doubt know how incredibly difficult it is to have your songs heard — let alone seriously considered for publication. The large music publishers won’t even accept unsolicited material. So why let good songs sit in a drawer, when they can be shared with the Body of Christ in worship?! We can’t offer you fame or fortune for being part of this ministry, but already, subscribing churches from Maine to California are using these songs and saying good things about the resource.

What Do I Do?

Think through your catalog of songs. Pick one or two that work in worship for you and your church. Make a cassette or CD demo of one that’s upbeat and celebratory, and/or one that’s quieter and prayerful. Songs can be for special seasons like Christmas, Easter or Pentecost. The demos need not be expensively produced. A good song will shine through even a simple piano or guitar & voice demo. Our final productions will include a full demo with vocals, plus an instrumental tracks-only version, for practice or smaller churches that may not be blessed with a band. If you can produce a final product, so much the better. At least a lead sheet with melody and guitar/piano/bass chords must be provided. Songs must be scored in a maximum of two 8 1/2 x 11" pages for inclusion in our songbook.

Mail the demo and lead sheets to: CS&S Music Version, POB 206, Elkhart, IN 46515. Do not send your only copies, as submissions will not be returned.

Give Me Some Guidelines, Please!

The project requires variety, worthy spirit, and appropriateness of lyrics, clarity of melody, congregational singability, and feasibility of production. Songs usually range from 2:30 to about 4:00 in length. For teaching songs to a congregation, simplicity of structure is a virtue. They can be as simple (and lovely) as Laurie Klein’s "I Love You, Lord" 16-bar chorus. Or they may take the form of a verse/chorus-verse/chorus/chorus (ABABB). Complex bridge structures will not usually be necessary for this project.

Listen to a few samples on our music page, and if you think you can do better, you probably can — and this ministry wants to hear from you! Good songs in the Lord’s name are meant to be used in His Church.