In Search of the Real Gen X

In future issues, C.S. & S' intent is to address issues of how to attract and hold the interest of Generation Xer's in worship. Music will undoubtedly be a major component of any successful strategy.

As the Republican Party learned during the 1998 elections, this cohort of the population has come of age. Generally defined as people now aged 18 to 35 (born in years 1964 - 1981), the Gen Xers have proven to be something of an enigma. They appear to avoid "branding" or stereotyping like the plague.

We hope this department of the magazine will serve as a forum where our readers will help identify this group and strategies in music and worship that can reach this amorphous group in search of leadership and heroes. This is a generation the church cannot afford to lose. Your experiences - successful and not - will enrich this column, and can help provide much-needed assistance to many churches across the country.

The Editor